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Efficiency Rules: 3 Simple Steps for Improved Planning and Productivity

Efficiency Rules: 3 Simple Steps for Improved Planning and Productivity

| September 14, 2022

Do you wish that there was more time in a day? Do you want to have time to drink a cup of coffee in the morning, or get to the gym before or after work? Well, we can’t change how much time there is each day, but we can help you manage and save time!

Identify your daily tasks
If you want to introduce new tasks into your daily schedule, you should first identify the everyday tasks that make up your routine. Start by writing down everything that you do on the average day, such as taking a shower or driving to work. If you have trouble thinking of everything you do in a day, try carrying a notebook around to jot down reoccurring tasks. Record how long it takes to complete these tasks and the time that you do them.

Write down each new task that you would like to complete. Be honest with yourself about the most realistic time to fit in these tasks. Don’t write that you’re going to add an hour of exercise into your mornings when you are already struggling to get out of bed. Schedule new tasks where you feel you can sacrifice the most time. If you can save time in your routine by prepping your meals on Sunday rather than starting from scratch on the weeknights, you’ll have time each day to squeeze in a little more productivity throughout the week.

Taking charge of your days may not come easily at first, but with a little practice, it will become second nature. Pick a day to start your routine, and remember to leave a little extra time in your schedule to accommodate situations out of your control, and of course, relaxation time.

Take charge
It is important to realize that there are some things you must get done within a specific day. Writing down these tasks will help navigate how well your time is spent. Make sure that you have enough time to accomplish each task—otherwise, you will cause yourself more stress. If you find that your plan doesn’t work, make adjustments, and figure out what routine works best for you!


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